WellPro 4000CE Automated Liquid Handler

WellPro 4000CE

The 4000CE is the latest generation of instrument in our popular WellPro line of liquid handling instruments .  It is built to perform when you need it.    Build complex protocols and perform administration easily from a large 10.1″ color touchscreen.   With 25 years of  proven accuracy, precision and reliability it’s an easy choice for most.

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High quality motors, precision liquid heads and highly configurable settings allow the WellPro to dispense solutions quickly and accurately.



WellPro liquid handlers are among the most reliable and durable in their field.  ProGroup stands behind every product we manufacture.  Built to last in the United States of America.


For maximum flexibility the WellPro is designed to work with nearly all styles of microplates plates. Interchangeable liquid heads allow you to work in 96 or 384 well formats.


The WellPro 4000CE complies with industry standards including GLP/GMP and 21 CFR part 11.  Flexible security protocols allow you to choose what is right for your lab.

Build Complex Protocols Easily and Quickly

The WellPro 4000CE is the most user friendly WellPro to date.  It’s large 10.1″ touchscreen allows you to create complex protocols simply by linking together common lab tasks. Once saved, protocols are accessible from any screen.  Reduced navigation time = more productivity.  View the videos below for a brief overview of each task the WellPro 4000CE can perform.

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