Liquid Handling Applications


Liquid handling applications microplate photoChoose from the WellPro applications below to learn more.  WellPro Liquid Handling Instruments are designed to handle the following liquid handling tasks in 96 or 384 well microplates:


  • Serial Dilution
    Perform Serial Dilutions by row or by column in 96 well plates or tubes with the WellPro 3000-96 or 4000CE-96, and in 384 well plates with the WellPro 3000-384 or 4000CE-384.
  • Plate Replication
    Plate Replication, Plate-to-Plate transfer, Mother-Daughter plates, Plate Stamping; whichever the terminology used in your laboratory, the WellPro is the right choice.
  • Plate Filling
    Filling microplates with the WellPro is easy and precise and can be performed either by row (Landscape mode), or by column (Portrait mode).

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