Serial Dilution


The newest model of WellPro, the 4000CE allows the operator to perform serial dilutions in both 96 and 384 well plates by changing between the provided 12 and 24 channel liquid heads. With portrait and landscape capabilities the WellPro also allows you to process plates by row or by column.

Both the 12 or 24 channel liquid heads provide exceptional speed, accuracy, and precision. This makes the WellPro liquid handling instrument one of the most efficient and accurate liquid handling instruments on the market today. In addition, all WellPro liquid heads can be placed in an autoclave for the highest level of protection against contamination.

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Tip volume ranges for the 96 well plates are 2 – 200ul, and for the 384 well plates are 1-50ul making the WellPro liquid handling instrument a great choice for even the most precise serial dilution task.

Perform multiple serial dilutions in one plate, ie; three dilutions in one 384 well plate dilution from column 1-8, 9-16, and 17-24, Or two dilutions in a 384 well plate by row, A-H and I-P.

Easily programmed protocols can be saved by name or protocol number for easy recall.

Enhanced electronics and software capabilities provide outstanding flexibility in programming protocols. The new WellPro 4000CE running Microsoft Windows CE provides even more advanced programming features for improved expandibility.

The WellPro 4000CE also provides multiple types of interface ports for communication with other WellPro instruments or external peripherals such as plate readers or a windows pc.

New multi-level password protected protocols and settings provide enhanced security for GLP and GMP environments.

The LCD color touch screen controller provides a graphic display of the status of your procedure. Observe your protocol in real time with the ability to pause and resume at any stage.

The WellPro Liquid Handling instrument requires no external pc, saving valuable bench space, and allowing it to easily fit in a biosafety hood.

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