Plate Filling

Plate filling with the WellPro is easy and precise and can be performed either by row (Landscape mode), or by column (Portrait mode).

Both the Wellpro designed for 96 well plates, and the WellPro designed for 384 well plates, utilize disposable tips for plate filling. This provides very precise delivery not found in pump based systems, and eliminates the potential for cross contamination or the need for washing fixed tip technologies.

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The researcher can easily program plate filling protocols via the Color LCD Touch Screen Controller.

Many parameters can be selected for your protocol, including;

Reagent/Sample source reservoir, 20, 60, 80 or 100ml, or custom reservoir

Delivery volume 2-200ul per well in 96 well, and 1-50ul in 384 well plates

Plate types, including Flat, U, V, micro-tubes, custom plates and PCR plates

Precise positioning for dispensing is programmable to dispense on top of existing samples if desired

Mixing before and/or after transfer and mix volumes

Tip change can be programmed to change tips for each row, or each plate

Aspirate/Dispense speeds are selectable for high, medium, and low for DMSO or other viscous samples.

Reservoir volume tracking can be enabled to insure enough sample is available for the task selected.

Many other options are available when programming your protocol to provide you with the flexibility needed to maximize your results.

When using the WellPro Micro-Trough triple reagent reservoir you can select the 20ml, 60ml, or 80ml reservoir position for your reagent or sample source. Micro-Troughs are a sterile product that can be used as a disposable, or if desired can be autoclaved for reuse.

The WellPro 100ml Reservoir uses non-sterile disposable reservoir liners that fit in a reservoir base that can be chilled to keep your reagents or samples cool if desired.

New multi-level password protected protocols and settings provide enhanced security for GLP and GMP environments.

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